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Cookies are text files which are sent when you connect to a web site, a mobile application or an on-line commercial. They are then stored in a specific area of your computer hard drive or mobile device storage memory. Cookies are managed by the web browser or mobile application you use . They can only be accessed by their initiator for reading and modifying the information they contain.

A cookie has a limited lifetime. It is sent and stored under the current prevailing applicable laws and according to the individual choices you have made in terms of cookie settings.

A cookie does not identify you individually. It allows its initiator to acknowledge your terminal and collect various information related to your browsing activity from that terminal.

Cookies can be specific to the site owner or those of a third party. They can be classified as:

  • Technical cookies: They facilitate the user’s browsing session and use of the various options or services offered by the site: identifying the session, enabling access to certain areas, simplifying orders, purchases, forms completion, entries, security, providing specific functionalities (videos, social networks)
  • Personalization cookies: They allow the user to access services under individual preferences (e.g. language, browser, terminal configuration)
  • Analytical cookies: They allow anonymized analysis of the users’ behavior while navigating the site, measuring the users’ activities and creating browsing profiles to improve users’ experience when accessing the site.
  • Advertising cookies: They help manage the advertising spaces of the web site
  • Personalized advertising cookies : They enable targeted management of the web site advertising spaces, based on users’ behavior and browsing habits, creating individual profiles and customizing the advertising shown.
The Axone Project web site uses its own and third-party technical, personalized and analytical cookies.

They collect only anonymized data capturing browsing habits for statistical purposes, aiming at optimizing the users’ browsing experience while navigating the site, overall helping The Axone Project improve its web site.

These cookies will be stored for a period which will not exceed 6 months, after which the user will again be requested to indicate his consent or not for cookies

Managing cookies through the Axone Project site:

In accordance with current legislation, users when accessing the site for the first time are allowed to either:

    • Accept all cookies
    • Refuse all cookies
    • Manage cookies setting: thereby choosing to either accept or refuse: essential technical cookies, functional technical cookies (not essential to the site), marketing and analytical cookies.
The user can access management of its cookies settings at all times through the “cookies settings” menu. The user can therefore grant or retract consent to cookies whenever desired.

Managing cookies through your browser:

You can use your individual browser software to allow for accepting or refusing all cookies, or managing them when they are about to be sent and stored. Each browser has its own specific cookie management configuration which is described in its help menu.

Managing cookies on-line:

Third party cookies can also be managed from their respective publisher web site. This is the case for analytical cookies which collect anonymized data on site traffic and browsing so as to optimize it and track any malfunction. These are sent by Google Analytics. If you do not wish that such cookies be sent and stored you can follow the link below where you will find further information :